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Gigi Osolo.
05-12-2011 11:52:07 PM CST

Thank You. This is my second retired title.

Paula Robbins.
05-11-2011 12:13:08 PM CST

I used your title services in Polk County one time. Do you guys have an office in Broward County?

Professor Rob Stelegar
05-08-2011 7:21:21 PM CST
Thank You . I love u diamnond girls.

John Astilles.
05-08-2011 7:20:02 PM CST

We want to thank all the person at FMHTS . You guys saved me money and pulled me out of a real jam. Thanks!!!!!

Edward E. Cambas
05-08-2011 7:18:14 PM CST

I really have been impressed with this agency. Thank You for being the best.,

Gina Noonan
04-21-2011 4:34:47 PM CST
FMHTS is the best!! Team Title uses them any chance we can. They always perform above and beyond expectations.

bonnie fisher
03-25-2011 7:24:51 AM CST

I need you guys to help me again. Thank You.

Tom Sellers
02-26-2011 12:23:03 PM CST
Hi. We use you folks for all of our business. I work with Strawberry Junction Mobile.

Jeff Davis.
02-25-2011 6:33:00 PM CST
hello there. we really appreciate everything u guys did for me.

John Fernandez
01-17-2011 10:35:19 PM CST
Thank You for all of your help from Plantation Florida.

B Vernon.
01-11-2011 9:23:23 AM CST
Hello to your friendly staff. Title Services.

12-25-2010 9:49:16 PM CST
Happy Holidays.

Percy H.
12-25-2010 1:21:39 PM CST

I love u guys. Have a great 2011.

Dino C.
12-25-2010 1:20:48 PM CST
We just want to say happy holidays.

Jean pierre.
12-24-2010 5:31:43 PM CST
If it was not for fmhts, i would still be in florida. I am now living and working in NY thanks to jules.

12-21-2010 10:24:54 AM CST
I really want everybody to know that this company helped me so much. I am so thankful. god bless.

12-15-2010 8:45:07 AM CST

i need another title search.

Big Dave
12-06-2010 8:37:10 AM CST

Can you guys help me with my mom's mobile home retirement in Lakeland?

zack bush.
11-22-2010 8:58:10 AM CST

Thank You. Now I can enjoy my Holidays.

Mr. Anderson.
11-19-2010 9:05:08 AM CST

Thank You for quick Response.

Joyci and derek bailor
10-29-2010 2:46:10 PM CST

I will be glad to refer you folks more business.

Alba Rodriguez
10-10-2010 5:04:10 PM CST
Thank You Julie.

grayson ippolito
09-16-2010 3:12:59 PM CST
Thanks for your help. This deal was a nightmare but you cleared the lien. I sent you guys a box of chocolates and fresh strawberries.

The Gonzalez Family
09-11-2010 4:05:47 PM CST
I just want to thank your company for helping me. This is George Gonzalez from Riverview.

Coty Vennishala.
09-08-2010 6:10:37 PM CST

Do not ever forget the small people on the way up. From all of our family to yours.

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