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You must do a separate mobile home title search in order to discover the condition of the mobile home title and to make sure that you are dealing with the correct home. They are called "mobile homes" because they are mobile! People move them. They buy and sell them without doing the title work. Some mobile home errors can cost you thousands of dollars. Don't get caught. We have successfully searched thousands of titles.

We can assist with:

Locating lost mobile home titles

Transferring mobile home titles from previous owners

Resolving Past liens

Retiring mobile home titles

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It is crucial that you know the condition of the mobile home title prior to closing. Why? For the same exact reason that you do a land title search - you're going to insure it! Remember, you are actually dealing with two different kinds of titles (land & home), and they’re separate! We are constantly asked how a lien can show up against a mobile home that didn’t show up in the land title search. The answer is - the mobile home title and the land title are separate! Title companies often tell us they're sure the mobile home title is in the seller’s name because the land title shows up in the seller’s name. Don’t assume that. Half the time it's not. Believe it, or not, it might not even be the right mobile home.

Title Companies

If you are a Title Company, the mobile home title may have never been transferred into your seller’s name and still be in the name of the third owner back, or in the deceased mother’s name, or in the name of the bank that foreclosed it six years ago, or in the ex-husband’s name who is now in jail. There may be a personal property loan against the home, with a payoff separate from the mortgage. That loan payoff will never show up in your land title search because it is not recorded in the courthouse. There may be real property issues, sales tax, or back mobile home taxes due. Your seller may be an investor or a bank that owns multiple mobile home properties. They can bring in the wrong titles for you to transfer (HUD is notorious for this). You would never know. You assume the seller knows what he is selling. Let us take care of the entire process.


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